Fruit of the Land. Product of Time.

OBLIVION products are the goods of a place with a special context of historical, geographical and cultural reference; the Mediterranean. The Greek land, as a part of this larger area, blessed by the richness of its soil and defined by the identity of its people, provides its greatest gifts, fruits and agricultural products, with the purity, the quality and a taste passionately wedded to the olive oil.
Monovarietal Koroneiki

A sacred variety

Koroneiki is one of the most precious Greek olive cultivars. Surrendered to the caress of time and yielded to maturity over the centuries, Koroneiki has perfected its exceptional characteristics. Its green and fairly small fruits produce one of the finest extra virgin olive oil varieties; golden-green, aromatic and strong flavoured, with top quality, low acidity and full, fruity palette of flavours.

80 Years

in the making
80 Years of
80 Years to yield
80 Years to

The mark of 80 years

We use numbers to pinpoint a moment, but time is something more than a simple sequence of digits. It is the only value that runs through everything and rules their evolution. So, a time period of 80 years of anticipation, care and devotion seals the process of the extra virgin olive oil production. 80 years after its first green sprout on the Mediterranean land, the olive tree is ready to provide us with its first precious harvest.

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Made in Greece

Olive oil is deeply rooted in Greek culture, through the centuries. From its first drops in the Greek history, to the modern daily life. In mythology, the olive was the gift of the goddess Athena to the city of Athens. Since then, little has changed. The olive tree stands out as a symbol, and, by extension, the olive oil remains as one of the most important product of the Greek land and a vital element of culture, trade and alimentation. Pure and unique, beneficial and therapeutic, it is the key element of the Mediterranean diet.