The company OBLIVION was created through the love and care of those agricultural products based on the Greek and wider Mediterranean agricultural identity, through its highest values of quality and purity.

By carefully collecting the techniques, styles and authenticity, and retrieving them, as concepts, through the fragments of their modern oblivion, our OBLIVION trademark indicates the quality of the final product; an agricultural product worthy of its historical, geographical and cultural background, which bears the aroma and the characteristics of its origin.

Our Products

A product bearing the OBLIVION signature is not only a good that has been retreated from the oblivion of its authenticity, but also an authentic product that bears all those quality characteristics that have surpassed the standardised modern competition. Thus, in essence, it is a pure product born with the identity of the authentic Greek and Mediterranean agricultural production.

80 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Series

The product versions of the 80 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection, are extracted by the care, knowledge and coexistence of more than 80 years with the sacred olive tree. For the Koroneiki variety, it takes 80 years to produce the first fruit of its quality harvest and to yield its precious gift, the olive oil. And these 80 years of care, waiting and remembrance shape the characteristic taste of the Greek olive oil, which flows endlessly, directly connected with the first ancient agricultural cultivation of this place, the culture and the eternal daily life of its people.